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Since its inception in 1997 as an avenue towards higher education for junior college students, the department has developed into the largest academic division on campus with more than 500 students enrolled in four regular programs: a two-year B. A. undergraduate program for junior college graduates, a four-year undergraduate B. A. program, and a M. A. program consisting of two tracks, namely, Applied Linguistics/TESOL and Translation and Interpreting. The English Department aims to develop students’ English proficiency, professional capabilities as well as independent thinking. To prepare students for a globally competitive and culturally diverse environment, we adopt a holistic and systematic approach to language education with a view to nurturing language professionals who excel in various fields ranging from business and industry to academics and culture.


The department places a high premium on quality education and comprehensive training. Theory and practice share equal importance in our curriculum, which is designed to meet specific needs of individual programs. At the undergraduate level, instruction emphasizes linguistic proficiency and practical application, complemented by literature and culture studies. For relevance in the workplace, courses in business management and information science are included. Accordingly, the graduate program allows for specialization in two major tracks: Applied Linguistics (TESOL), and Translation & Interpreting (T&I). The former offers a path to further studies in language education while the latter opens new possibilities of education and employment for language practitioners. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, set up in 2007, was the first such program in southern Taiwan, and continues to be the only one of its kind in technological universities even after its incorporation in the department’s M. A. program. In 2010, we became the first Entrepreneurial University in Taiwan. We devote our effort whole-heartedly to fostering students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.